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Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Arduino Mega 1280

Arduino Mega adalah piranti mikrokontroler menggunakan ATmega1280 . Memiliki 54 pin input/output digital(yang 14 dapat digunakan sebagai output PWM), 16 input analog, 4 UARTs (hardware port serial), osilator kristal 16 MHz, koneksi USB, jack power, header ICSP, dan tombol reset. Arduino Mega kompatibel dengan shields yang dirancang untuk Duemilanove Arduino atau Diecimila.

untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silakan Klik Disini

Anda dapat mendapatkan keunggulan Arduino Mega 1280 dengan harga fantastis !!

Harga :
1 pc = Rp319.000


Arduino Mega 2560 R3

Tampak Belakang

Tampak Depan

Arduino Mega 2560 adalah piranti mikrokontroler menggunakan ATmega2560 , merupakan penerus Arduino Mega 1280
memiliki 54 Pin input/output digital(dimana 14 pin dapat digunakan sebagai output PWM), 16 input analog, 16 MHz osilator kristal, koneksi USB, jack power, ICSP header, dan tombol reset. 
Datasheet :
Kini anda bisa memiliki segala kehandalan Arduino Mega 2560 R3 dengan harga yang masuk akal , 
1 pcs             = Rp 335.000
2 - 10pcs      = Rp 299.000
11 - 100pcs   = Rp 209.000 

Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Arduino Duemilanove 328P

Arduino Duemilanove("2009") adalah piranti mikrokontroler menggunakan ATmega328 . Duemilanove memiliki 14 pin input/output  digital(dimana 6 dapat digunakan sebagai output PWM), 6 input analog, 16 MHz osilator kristal, koneksi USB, jack power, ICSP header, dan tombol reset.

"Duemilanove" menurut Bahasa Italy, berarti 2009 sesuai denga tahun peluncurannya

Harga wholesale :
1 pc = Rp 189.000

2 - 10 pcs = Rp 169.000
11 - 100pcs = Rp 149.000  

Arduino UNO R3 2012

Arduino UNO R3 2012

Arduino  UNO R3 is an easy-to-use open source controller 2012 latest hardware with Arduino UNO and no major changes, the biggest difference is that the USB to serial circuit part, the change is a ATMega16U2 microcontroller


1 pin of changes: next to the AREF pin both I2C-pin (SDA and SCL, just Analog 4 and 5 of the copy, not the additional I2C interface), plus the two next to the RESET pin, one IOREF allow expansion board voltage onboard, this pin expansion board just told the onboard voltage (such as UNO 5V, can be seen as the power pins copy, does not provide the level pull), the other is later Scratch placeholder pin.

2 more stable RESET circuit. The RESET key position has changed, has been moved to the corner near the USB interface board, more convenient and press.

The 3. ATmega16U2 instead 8U2, and this does not mean that the 16K flash of R3 to make your code run faster, this update is a service of the USB interface chip, theoretically It UNO can simulate USB the HID, such as MIDI / Joystick / Keyboard

Harga wholesale :
1 pc = Rp 219.000

Power Module

Power Module

BAT002 : DC power module Board 2A
IN: 3-35V OUT: 1.5-33.5V

Harga :
1 pc = Rp 65.000
2-10pcs = Rp 55.000
11-100pcs = Rp 32.000

BAT001 : Lithium battery 5V boost modules 1A
Meningkatkan kestabilan & performa Battery Lithium

Harga :
1 pc = Rp 45.000
2-10pcs = Rp 35.000
11-100pcs = Rp 26.000

AMS1117 : 5V power supply module AMS1117
IN: 6-9V OUT: 5V 800mA 

Harga :
1 pc = Rp 45.000
2-10pcs = Rp 35.000
11-100pcs = Rp 26.000

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012


AVR001: USB-AVR/51-ISP programmer

Application: Programming the AVR MCU, AT89S series microcontroller
1. Supports USB1.1 or USB2.0 communication;
2. Support WIN98 , WINME, WIN2000, WINXP, VISTA, WIN7 such as 32-bit and 64-bit operating system;
3. Powered USB port with 500mA resettable fuse to protect the computer motherboard not accidentally burned within the board;
4. in the programming of the chip can be used when the target system power supply, the programmer can use to take power from the USB port supply target board, but should ensure that the target standard current not more than 500mA, so as not to normal programming;
5. Programming is complete does not affect the target board is running;
6. Support AT89S51 52 and AVR series chip burn;
7. Can read and write operations of Flash, EEPROM, fuse bits;
8. Faster than the parallel port programming faster and more stable, more convenient laptop users;
9. Multi-level super-stable automatic speed control firmware download process without human intervention set, the programmer automatically select the fastest stable programming;
10. Supports all higher than 8KHz target board;
11. Import new original control chip with the latest version automatic speed control firmware that is able to carry out high-speed stability of the programmer;
12. to use Atmel Corporation recommended standards IDC10PIN interface;
13. use the aluminum U disk shell design, eight-color optional, compact, stylish and easy to carry;
14. Finished packaging electrostatic bag sealed packaging, the unused board quality is not destroyed;
15. recommended Wise Mount Progisp (supports English), or AVR_fighter

Harga perbuah :
1 pc = Rp 94.000
2 - 10pcs = Rp74.000
11 - 20pcs = Rp64.000

PL2303 : USB to TTL line PL2303

Cable Included !!!

1. various satellite set-top box upgrade
routers, hard drives, ADSL broadband cat firmware upgrade or crack upgrade
phone, XBOX360, the GPS serial communication, automobile testing, DVD Brush
4. programmer STC microcontroller, NXP microcontroller Renesas microcontrollers, NEC MCU
5 simple serial communication, the HyperTerminal serial debugging tools. electronics enthusiasts can use the USB signal to TTL signal

1. imported new original control chip PL2303HX Brush, high-speed stability
2. 500mA resettable fuse overcurrent protection
3. settings two data transmission indicator can be real-time monitoring of data transfer status
4. reserved 3.3V and 5V pin interface, convenient different voltage systems powered brush machine
interface pin board parallel, rather than vertically mounted board into convenient Brush leads DuPont line
5. entire circuit board with high-quality transparent heat shrink tubing package cover, PCB circuit into the insulating state with the outside world so as to protect the board and burned metal unexpected short, due to the use of a transparent material, it does not affect the board then mouth silk screen viewing indicator monitoring effects
6. support WIN7 and other systems (32)

7. Driver download in here

Harga perbuah :
1 pc = Rp 135.000

LCB001 : RS232-TTL level converter board 

 Shipping list:
1.RS232-TTL converter board a
2.20cm long DuPont line 4
3.USB take power, a power cord

1. general equipment serial communication
2. router or ADSL firmware upgrade
3. GPS serial communication
4. hard disk firmware upgrade
5. single-chip communication, RX received the MCU TX; TX received the MCU RX; GND connected to do not need to re-use the MAX232 conversion
6. HyperTerminal popular serial debugging tools
7. various satellite receiver upgrade with
8. electronic enthusiasts use

1. In this module, produced by Maxim the MAX232CPE level conversion IC
2. chip socket design, if the chip is burned out, replace it with a you normally use
with power lights, reception indicator, send indicator , you can know that power is then also know is communication
3. small board needs additional 5V power supply, can introduced the DuPont line from the development board, USB-powered line introduced

Harga perbuah :
1 pc = Rp 135.000

COM001 : USB to serial cable 9 pin serial (COM)  

This product is easy to realize the computer USB interface to a universal serial conversion, and increase conversion head (Serial to Parallel),
provide fast access to the computer without serial Moreover, the use of the product is equal to the traditional serial device becomes become a plug-and-play USB device 

easy to install and
suitable for computer or laptop USB port , no external power supply and the physical drive , printer
support USB1.0/1.1 specification, compatible with USB2.0 specification, and supports full-speed transfer mode 12MBPS
support for Win98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Mac OS8.6 or later

RS232 compatible device list: 

the external MODEM
digital camera
standard serial mouse

Harga perbuah :
1 pc = Rp65.000
2 - 10pcs = Rp45.000
11 - 20pcs = Rp35.000