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Jumat, 03 Juni 2011


The TI Renewable Energy developer’s kit is designed to work with Texas Instruments C2000
microcontrollers. This kit is a part of TI’s digital power tools package designed to give customers an
opportunity to quickly evaluate TI C2000™ products for power conversion applications at a safe input
voltage and power level. This system will allow implementing all the major functions of a solar and/or a
renewable energy system. These functions include front-end DC to DC conversion, three or single phase
inverter operation, synchronizing inverter output with the AC line, DC to DC buck operation for possible
battery charging. This board offers all the voltage and current measurement hooks so that one can create
and test new topologies, techniques etc.
Key Features
Key Features www.ti.com
· Compatible with any of the plug-in C2000 controlCARDs.
· Front-end single phase DC/DC boost converter.
· Three phase or single phase inverter output.
· Single phase DC/DC buck converter for battery charging.
· Hardware Relay to switch between Panel and Battery.
· AC line (110 V or 220 V) synchronization for the Inverter Output.
· Input Panel/DC voltage less than 20 V.
· Inverter output voltage 30 VAC (peak).
· Rated output current 2 A.
· Battery voltage 12 V.
· Onboard single phase inverter output filter.
· Onboard light bulbs for DC/DC buck and Inverter output load.
· Onboard control power supply generated from a single 5 VDC input.
· Onboard RS232 port.
· Onboard JTAG port.
· Onboard booting option jumpers.
· GPIO header for interface expansion.
· UART communications header available for host control.
· A learning platform allowing the user to easily probe the most significant wave forms within the board.
· Host GUI, a friendly way to control / demo the application, based on open source C# freeware.
· Hardware Developer’s Package that includes schematics, bill of materials, Gerber files

More datasheet
* Data Manual
* Developer KIT Overview

Harga : Rp 7.220.000